About Us

Atlas The Brand. A clothing brand created by three siblings who together develop a strong interest in traveling and exploring the world. They love seeking new experiences and immersing themselves in various cultures. Having grown up in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar, a peninsula at the southern tip of Spain and having close geographical ties to Africa and Morocco, the siblings have been exposed to an eclectic mix of lifestyles and traditions. Despite all siblings living in different countries, it was when traveling together and learning about new cultures and heritage that they were able to spend most quality time together. It was on one of these many adventures where the idea of Atlas was born! 

A conceptual brand sharing the iconic and beautiful craft work seen on these travels, whilst tailoring and adjusting styles so that the designs can be worn all around the world. The objective of Atlas, as a brand is to create beautiful, high quality unique pieces of clothing, giving a modern twist to traditional designs. These designs seek to bridge the gap between old and new, near and far and opulent and bohemian. Atlas is a brand that brings you pieces which will make you feel so fabulous that you will be brought a little bit of dreamy nostalgia! The pieces are seen as celebrations of the world and its diversity, certain collections are celebrations of the natural world around us.

Finding the right blend of cultural-inspiration and innovation, whilst remaining respectful to heritage is something very important to Atlas. As well as clothing, Atlas offers an inclusive atmosphere, welcoming everyone and anyone into the brand, celebrating each other’s heritage. Atlas is ‘For everyone and inspired by everywhere’.